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Discover the perfect soap for your skin type!

Do you know that soaps are not only designed to cleanse your skin; they are also designed to nourish your skin?

The nutrients in each soap serve a different purpose for each skin type

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It's important to understand skin types

Light, Pale White

Always Burns Never Tans

White, Fair

Usually Burns, Tans With Difficulty

Medium White to Olive

Mild Burn on Sometimes, Gradually Turns to Olive

Olive Tone

Rarely Burns,Turns with Ease to Moderate Brown

Light Brown

Very Rarely Burns, Tans Very Easily

Dark Brown

Never Burns, Tans Very Easily, Deeply Pigmented

3 easy ways to identify your skin type


Natural light is best way to examine your skin. Check for Dry, Flaky patches, Oily areas, Visible Pores.Look for areas prone to irritation, redness or breakouts. 


Gently press a piece of blotting paper onto different areas of your face and see how much oil is absorbed.                                                 

a). If the paper picks up a lot of oil, you likely have OILY SKIN.                               

b). If there ia minimal oil, you may have DRY SKIN.                                                   

c). If you notice oil only in the T-zone (forehead, nose, & chin) you may have COMBINAION SKIN


Pinch a small area of skin on your cheek, forehead, or jawline between two fingers & hold for a few seconds                                                               

 a). If theskin feels tight and appears flaky, you likely have DRY SKIN                   

b). If there is some oilness or shine, you may have OILY  or COMBINATION SKIN

SENSITIVE SKIN:  Very few skin types are sensitive to soaps & other cosmetics which lead to allergies & rashes on their skin. This skin type shall be identified through a simple patch test.

Sensitive skin personalities should take atmost care while choosing their soaps & other cosmetic poducts

Luxurious Skin Brightening Soaps

Oily & Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skins

Allergen Skins

Instant Face Wash

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"Kids Safe - A Gentle & Safe Choice!"

Protect your childs delicate skin with natural goodness - the gentle & safe alternative to chemical soaps.

Gentle, Safe & Effective - Our natural soaps are specially crafted to nourish & care for your childs delicate skin.

"Bye-bye! Unwanted Facial Hair" Try Avarampoo Soap along with Herbal Deep Cleansing Powder for Smooth, Hair-Free Skin"

This natural wonder gently removes unwanted facial hair, leaving your skin silky & flawless. Embrace the power of nature & unveil your natural beauy today!

"Stay Protected! Harness the Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Power of Soaps for Skin Health"

Defend your skin against germs & woes! Our soaps offer more than just cleanlinness. Shield yourself from warts and other skin issues with our trusted formulas. Prioritize your skin health and embrace the protective benefits of our soaps today!

Recommended soaps: Complete skin care, Mooligai soap, Herbal Deep Cleansing powder

"Did you know that men often have larger & more visible pores compared to women. These open pores can lead to excess oil production & skin issues". 

But fret not! We have the solution to help you achieve the balanced & healthy skin.

Try our Complete Skin Care or Charcoal soaps for better results.

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